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عيادة الجلدية و الجراحة التجميليه

في قسم الرعايه الجلديه و عمليات التجميل نقدم مجموعه كامله من أحدث و أفضل معايير المنتجات في مجال التجميل و الجراحه التعويضيه, من قبل فريق مختص لمساعدتك على الوصول لنتائج تمنحك الشعور بلرضا عن مظهرك

الأسئلة المتكررة

What should I do after the Vision Correction to get the best result?

You must adhere to the instructions and stay away from the things which is prohibited by the Doctor, usually for a period not to exceed several days, you must focus for the treatment, which lasts from days to weeks, and be committed to follow-up checkup on time.

No touch or rubbing your eyes, washing eyes and not being exposed to smoke and dust.

After cleaning the eyes, first puts plastic around the eye, then showing to the patient a focusing red or green light under the laser microscope, and the laser is projected onto the cornea, and then the eye is washed and put the lens for protection.

It may have big affect and so it is advised to wear sunglasses when lights are in the early days and always in the sun. Sunglasses also protects you from unwanted dirt and dirty air that may contaminate your eyes.

It is possible if the corneal thickness is sufficient or the corneal images are intact, and if there is a slight decrease in vision, you can perform a surface laser or usually Lasik. This needs test which comes handy so we will know detailed report about your case and we can decide with for the highest success rate.

You can treat astigmatism deviation with a laser if the cornea does not contain a keratoconus, and this can be excluded by terrain of the cornea (Topography) and there is a suspicion of keratoconus, hard contact lenses (manual or hard Contact lenses) are the safest solution. There are other ways to correct anomaly and be surgical There are other ways to correct eye aberration and are usually surgical.There are other ways to correct eye aberration and are usually surgical.

This condition is usually caused by microscopic volatile floats in the vitreous liquid , and it is recommended to do an eye examination at least once to make sure there are no bleeding or puncture holes in the retina.

There is no direct relationship, except that upper dental pain may affect the lower orbit of the eye. Also, one of the most common causes of pain around the eye is sinuses.

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